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Executive Protection

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Executive Protection services offered by Morgan Defense work to ensure the safety of high profile individuals who may be exposed to certain threats or risks. Through Executive Protection services, individuals will be safeguarded by specialized Executive Protection agents.


[PSD] Protective Security Detail

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Corporate Risk Management


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This is when a protective team is assigned to protect the personal security of an individual or group in a high-threat environment. PSDs can be made up of multiple federal and state government organizations, military personnel, law enforcement agents, and/or private security contractors or private military contractors. Protective Security Detail teams are often made up of private security personnel working for numerous contracting organizations; their internal and external security departments offer armed security teams to clients traveling to war zones and areas deemed dangerous by the State Department.

Threat Assessments, a preventative and proactive means of protection, Identify threats that pose to an individual, company, or family. Used to analyze the validity of potential risks or hazards, Threat Assessment determines appropriate steps and measures to eliminate the foreseeable danger.


Disaster and Emergency Response

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Our rapid response team is ready to deploy at a moment's notice to prepare and implement emergency action plans for terrorism, natural or artificial disasters, social unrest, riots, active shooters, disease outbreaks, and other threat events. We aid in the transportation and distribution of needed goods and supplies as well as protect and evacuate personnel and assets.​


Private Investigations

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Private Investigations through Morgan Defense offer investigatory and detection services to individuals, companies, and families. Specialized Private Investigators may gather evidence, perform surveillance, verify existing informations, and more on the clients person of interest.


Patrol Security

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Random patrolling of needed locations will help prevent theft, vandalism, and trespassers. Our clearly marked security vehicles will be in and out of your facility during whatever hours you need. Your residential or business residents can even call us to assist with security concerns on behalf of your organization. 

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